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MikBTC: i see

rcgenie: and by decentralized i mean "a handful of dudes running half the servers making them appear decentralized"

rcgenie: they are pretty hard to get WEX'ed or Goxxed on, but they have their own kinds of failure modes

sushantt: really?

djehankidd: oh lol that's the best "and by decentralized i mean "a handful of dudes running half the servers making them appear decentralized""

djehankidd: Im lmao for the day

djehankidd: srsly lol

djehankidd: the cryptopia

rcgenie: Decentralies

djehankidd: lol

Rasmust86: 324K

djehankidd: absolute bottom soon

Rasmust86: nothing seems to wake the wex up

rcgenie: 100k by Monday

Rasmust86: wex staff*

Rasmust86: soon it will be 22nd of August

djehankidd: whassup the 22nd

azarashi: General Obvious

djehankidd: total destruct

djehankidd: daily trade vol to the 200K’s few hours

azarashi: wait what

makeclone10: 322,266 322 is really

djehankidd: will touch down the 200Ks in a few hours

djehankidd: traders are having a general strike until wex moves

djehankidd: so sad

sdegabriele: so they are

sdegabriele: this is getting weird

sdegabriele: i think wex is just waiting to see who really loves them

sdegabriele: and everyone who didn't pull out is going to be rewarded with 100% payout including tokens.

sdegabriele: right.. right?

sdegabriele: and free trades for life !

azarashi: and boobs

djehankidd: and absolute fascists robbing all ur money in the name of intergalactic justice

rcgenie: azarashi i have a hunch that sdegabriele may not be interested in those

Medo3006: 319k

rcgenie: the deathbed vigil

azarashi: wut

djehankidd: .......

nena: hi

azarashi: oh hai

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