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djehankidd: idk, a lot of people I htink

djehankidd: yes the email reply , but the phone one would be priceless

kneedrag: since email wastes like 50% of most employees time

kneedrag: writing long nonsensical grammatically correct emails taking all day

djehankidd: lol

kneedrag: phone is pretty efficient method of comm. email really isnt. it takes 8x as long to compose an email chain as it does to have the same phone convo.

kneedrag: but instead, everyone emails.

djehankidd: AI secretaries calling AI secretaries, what will they talk about

djehankidd: they will be very polite and always acknowledgeone another, that will save the world

djehankidd: they will be the new diplomats!

kneedrag: they will tell eachother how bad their boss is, just like secretaries do now when they get together.

djehankidd: theywill be better than human secretaries

kneedrag: only if they wear skirts and stockings

djehankidd: why not

kneedrag: sexbot / secretary bot merged

kneedrag: big market

djehankidd: also bodyguard, perfect

kneedrag: sounds reasonable. now if you have sex with a sexbot at work, does your wife get mad?

djehankidd: I think theywill be the most polite and if they are not ok together they just crash

kneedrag: it could save a lot of marriages too.

djehankidd: they crash out of trying to find a solution

djehankidd: lol

djehankidd: well, ifit is a bot, it could pretty much have a special place in a home, like Asimov described

djehankidd: in a wall lol

kneedrag: i think though this is a valid trollbox topic. sexbots and wives. will wives be upset if a husband "cheats" on them with a bot?

kneedrag: or is it even cheating

djehankidd: will husbands be upset if their wives cheats with sexbots?

djehankidd: because you know

djehankidd: If I was a guy I would be apprehensive to do it with a robot

djehankidd: lulz

kneedrag: i cant speak on behalf of the husbandry around the world, but it would be selfish i think for a husband to not let his wife get pleasured by something that is not a threat to his relationship

kneedrag: if she needs the action does

kneedrag: better a bot than a human

kneedrag: *if she needs the action, then she does.

djehankidd: idk, I think, Id inspect the female bot parts first

djehankidd: obviously even


djehankidd: there's a swedish TV series about this

JoseVV: btc ded again

kneedrag: obamas on damage control with netflix deal trying to stay in the limelight

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